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The following Conditions are related to Slow growth

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  • Cytochrome c oxidase deficiency

    The task of cytochrome C is technical in terms of chemistry and chain formation. But in simple words, it is an enzyme that processes oxygen and energy levels of major organs like the heart, liver, skeletal muscles, and brain.Chains in the DNA of a body carry this enzyme with different protons and electrons for the smooth functioning of Cytochrome C. But the defect or deficiency of this enzyme creates errors and muscle development i  Read More

  • Glycogen storage disease vi

    The deficiency of glycogen breakdown enzyme leads to Glycogen Storage Disease VI. When the glycogen levels are not broken and used in an infant’s body, they accumulate in the liver. This accumulation results in enlarged liver and its improper functioning.Glycogen is the complex sugar in our body stored for energy requirements. The excess and unused glycogen create GSD VI. It detects during infancy or the earl  Read More