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  • Colitis, collagenous

    Collagenous colitis is one type of microscopic colitis. These particular white blood cells can enter the inner wall of the colon as a result of inflammation. This particular type of colitis is uncommon and may be caused by an autoimmune disorder.Cure or medication for Collagenous colitisCollagenous colitis might heal on its own. However, you might require treatment to get better if your symptoms are sev  Read More

  • Hartnup disease

    Hartnup disease is also referred to as Hartnup disorder, an uncommon genetic condition involving an inborn mistake in amino acid metabolism. It makes it challenging for your kidneys to reabsorb specific amino acids from your intestine. Amino acids are necessary for proper growth and development since they are the chemical building blocks of proteins. Many amino acids are lost through the urine tract when someone has hartnup di  Read More