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The following Conditions are related to Psychological disorder

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  • Anorexia nervosa

    Anorexia nervousa is an eating disorder for people with trifling body weight. They have an intense fear of gaining weight, so they started taking on a crash diet, limiting calorie intake, or not eating. Moreover, if they consume high calories, they take it out through vomiting after eating or by misusing laxatives, diet aids, diuretics, or enemas. However, it is curable through the following methods:Hospitalization  Read More

  • Hal deficiency

    HAL deficiency i.e histidine ammonia-lyase (HAL) deficiency or histidase deficiency, hyperhistidinemia or Histidinemia is a rare, autosomal recessive hereditary metabolic disorder.It is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme histidase, which is necessary for metabolizing the amino acid histidine. As a result, elevated levels of histidine are present in the blood.Along with histidine, there are excessive amou  Read More