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  • Glycogen storage disease vii

    Glycogen storage disease vii is a hereditary disorder. Most cases are found in children. It is caused due to transfer of genes from the parents. The cause of GSD is the lack of an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of glycogen.Breakdown of glycogen into glucose is necessary for providing energy to the body. The Phosphofructokinase enzyme is responsible for the breaking down of glycogen into glucose. The lack of glucose  Read More

  • Glycogenosis type vii

    Glycogenosis type vii is a disease caused due to lack of capacity to produce glucose. Due to this, the body craves for energy. There are various symptoms caused due to glycogenosis which are tiredness, nausea and vomiting. The skin gets yellowish as in jaundice and the color of urine becomes reddish-brown, also known as myoglobinuria.The symptoms of glycogenosis also include anemia. Due to anemia, there is a decrea  Read More