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  • Colitis, collagenous

    Collagenous colitis is one type of microscopic colitis. These particular white blood cells can enter the inner wall of the colon as a result of inflammation. This particular type of colitis is uncommon and may be caused by an autoimmune disorder.Cure or medication for Collagenous colitisCollagenous colitis might heal on its own. However, you might require treatment to get better if your symptoms are sev  Read More

  • Cyclic vomiting syndrome

    Cyclic vomiting syndrome presents with recurrent episodes of nausea and vomiting that lasts from hours to days. Pathophysiology is not known yet.In children with cyclic vomiting syndrome, the symptoms appear by age 3 to 7. However, the adults presenting the disease may not have episodes of vomiting in their childhood. There is no cure. However, the symptoms are treatable.TreatmentThe treatme  Read More