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  • Esophageal aperistalsis

    Esophageal aperistalsis is a rare metabolic disorder that causes difficulty for food and liquid to pass into the stomach. It results due to damage to the esophageal or food pipe that is unable to compress the food and pass it to the other section of the digestive system. The condition is manageable through endoscopy and curable through the following medical treatments:Esophageal aperistalsis dilation: is a medicati  Read More

  • Immunodeficiency-3

    Immunodeficiency-3 (common variable 3)is a disorder that impairs the immune system.People with ID-3 are highly susceptible to infection from foreign invaders such as bacteria, or more rarely, viruses, and often develop recurrent infections, particularly in the lungs, sinuses, and ears.Pneumonia is common in people with immunodeficiency -3, chronic bronchitis is also sometimes seen alongside.People  Read More