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  • Argininosuccinic aciduria

    Argininosuccinic aciduria (ASA) is a rare inherited disorder that causes elevated blood ammonia levels.If ammonia buildup in the blood is not detected and treated promptly, it can cause brain damage and even death.It is caused by changes (mutations) in the ASL gene that result in a deficiency.ASL (argininosuccinate lyase) is an enzyme that breaks down and eliminates nitrogen from the body.  Read More

  • Histidinemia

    Histidinemia is a genetic disease caused by an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder. It is characterized by deficient production of the enzyme that breaks down histidine. It is usually a benign condition and asymptomatic in most cases.Usually, a genetic disorder will not tend to have any causative factor other than its inheritance.There are some risk factors associated with this case. Consanguineal marri  Read More