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The following Conditions are related to High fever

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  • Salmonella typhi infection

    By consuming or drinking infected food or water, one can be affected by Salmonella typhi infection or typhoid fever. Stool from sick people, which has a high concentration of bacteria, can contaminate the local water supply. Food supply contamination due to water supply contamination is possible. The bacteria can endure in water or dried sewage for weeks.Antibiotics are used to treat typhoid fever because they elim  Read More

  • Typhoid

    Typhoid is an infectious disease that causes fever, also known as enteric fever. The causative agents are salmonella typhi and paratyphi. Typhoid presents non-specific symptoms. It initially starts with nausea and vomiting that progress to abdominal pain, anorexia, and bloating. It is followed by a small asymptomatic phase that leads to a high fever. If left undiagnosed and treated, the abdominal distress worsens and causes bo  Read More