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  • Colitis gravis

    Ulcers, diarrhea, cramping, persistent inflammation, and severe abdominal discomfort are all symptoms of colitis gravis, a chronic inflammatory illness of the intestine.Infection, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), inadequate blood supply to the colon, and invasion of the colon wall by lymphocytic white blood cells are some of the potential reasons for an inflamed colon.An area of the colon, or the entire c  Read More

  • Cyclospora infection

    Severely explosive water-like motions due to a one-cell microscopic parasite are Cyclospora Infection. Cyclospora is a name of a parasite responsible for this disease. The motions are hard to control and result in enormous water loss in a patient’s body.Diagnosis:It can only be diagnosed through laboratory testing of the patient’s stool and looking for the presence of this one-cell parasite  Read More

  • Glucose galactose malabsorption

    A deficiency in the transport of glucose and galactose across the intestinal lining results in the rare metabolic condition known as glucose galactose malabsorption (GGM). If lactose (milk sugar), sucrose (table sugar), glucose, and galactose are not eliminated from the diet, GGM is characterised by severe diarrhea and dehydration. If these sugars are not eliminated, GGM can quickly lead to death. However, up to 10% of people could have a litt  Read More

  • Listeriosis (listeria monocytogenes infection)

    Foodborne bacteria mostly found in non-vegetarian and dairy foods give rise to Listeriosis (Listeria Monocytogenes Infection). The bacteria is also found in soil and could be consumed through contaminated fruits and vegetables.Diagnosis:In severe cases, It is necessary to reach out to doctors and get the disease diagnosed with the following tests:Blood TestsUrine SamplesSpinal Fl  Read More