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  • Buerger-gruetz syndrome

    A person with Buerger-Greutz syndrome has a faulty lipoprotein lipase gene, which results in extremely high triglycerides. This in turn induces stomach pain and fat deposits beneath the skin, which can create issues with the pancreas and liver, and result in diabetes. Only when a child inherits the flawed gene from both parents does the condition manifest (it is autosomal recessive). Limiting daily fat intake to under 20 g can  Read More

  • Davidson's disease

    Davidson’s disease or Microvillus inclusion disease is an extremely rare and life-threatening intestinal disorder, that usually shows up within a few hours or days after birth.Generally, each cell in the small intestine is surrounded by tiny finger-like structures, villi, and microvilli. It will increase the surface area of the cell, thereby increasing the rate of absorption.These cells in the affect  Read More