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  • Davidson's disease

    Davidson’s disease or Microvillus inclusion disease is an extremely rare and life-threatening intestinal disorder, that usually shows up within a few hours or days after birth.Generally, each cell in the small intestine is surrounded by tiny finger-like structures, villi, and microvilli. It will increase the surface area of the cell, thereby increasing the rate of absorption.These cells in the affect  Read More

  • Pyroglutamicaciduria

    Pyroglutamicaciduria (PGA) is a rare metabolic disorder that causes high levels of PGA in the blood.Pyroglutamic acid (PA) is an intermediate product of glutamine metabolism.Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that is abundant in the body and is involved in many metabolic processes.PA is formed from glutamine via transamination reactions involving glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH).PA is e  Read More

  • Rheumatic diseases

    There is no cure for rheumatic diseases except infectious arthritis. Treatments and medications can be divided into short-term and long-term reliefs. Short term reliefs focus on massage, joint immobilization, etc.Long-term relief includes medications like:Oral analgesics, or painkillers, such as over-the-counter acetaminophen, and prescription narcotics, or opioids, like oxycodone and hydrocodone, which  Read More