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  • Hill diarrhea

    Hill diarrhea affects tourists and other people who drink or eat contaminated food.It is a short but uncomfortable gastrointestinal infection that frequently results in loose stools and cramping in the abdomen.The majority of the time, bacteria are to blame, however, parasites or viruses can also be to blame.When visiting nations with less stringent sanitary regulations than their own, internation  Read More

  • Travelers' diarrhea

    The most common signs and symptoms of traveler's diarrhea are: Abrupt onset of passage of three or more looser watery stools a day An urgent need to defecate Abdominal cramps Nausea Vomiting Fever Sometimes, people experience moderate to severe dehydration, persistent vomiting, a high fever, bloody stools, or severe pain in the abdomen or rectum. If you or your ch  Read More